All the data records we supply you with will be recorded against your company name. As the responsible party processing the data, you will need to ensure that your organization and employees comply with the 8 POPI Act principles:

  • Principle 1: Accountability
  • Principle 2: Processing Limitation
  • Principle 3: Purpose Specification
  • Principle 4: Further Processing Limitation
  • Principle 5: Information Quality
  • Principle 6: Openness
  • Principle 7: Security Safeguards
  • Principle 8: Data Subject Participation

You can read the POPI act here: for further details.

How is the database Popi compliant

1.       All records on this database have applied for a loan on the database owner’s websites. The daily leads include the application date to substantiate this.

2.       The websites include a privacy policy with terms that need to be accepted in order to continue with the application. In the privacy policy the owner has included a clause to advise the clients that their information will be shared with the Sabizhub network. They are also provided with a link to our loan application privacy policy.

Complaints and Opt out

Consumers will be aware of the POPI act but not everyone would have taken the time to read the entire act. It is thus up to the responsible processing party to educate any data subjects that request not to be contacted on how to register with the Direct Marketing Aassociation national opt out list.

In terms of section 69 (2.2) should the data subject want to withhold consent for companies to request their marketing permission, they should register on this database

This will prevent any Direct Marketing Association members from using the data subject’s mobile number to request marketing permission again.

If a data subject requests information about where you obtained their details from you may provide the following details:

Name: Cognito Business Consulting (Pty) Ltd T/A Sabizhub


Contact number: 021 780 1046

Loan application database opt out

We have created a form where you can log any client’s details that requested to be removed from the database. Please note this will only remove them from this loan application database so we still recommend your agents provide information on how to register on the national opt out list. (see above)

Responsible party data management recommendations

Please take note of these terms to manage the data that you purchase from us:

1.You should keep your own “do not contact” list that includes any employees, directors or clients that you do not want to contact again. Please check all lists you purchase and remove these contact numbers before you dial your campaign.

2. You must ensure that your company appoints an information officer that registers with the Information Regulator. This is a Popi requirement.

3. You must have strict data protection protocols in place with employees to ensure that data is not stolen and or sold to other companies as breaches can attract fines from the Regulator.

4. The data may only be used for the specified campaign that was stipulated when you placed your order and may not be reused or shared with any other party.

5. All data records purchased must be destroyed after the 3 month period has expired.

Data replacement

The data owner will replace out of spec/incorrect numbers which are over 30% of the entire file. They guarantee a contact rate of 70%. This is inline with the data industry standard rate valid rate of 70%.

We require a computer generated disposition report to submit your request to the data owner as requested in the data agreement you signed with us.

No queries will be considered  without a report because we need to provide proof in order to qualify for a data replacement. Please take note of the terms.

If you are not using a system with a reporting function then please look at JK Marketing Solutions’ cloud based call solution that provides this feature.