Sabizhub is a business network developed by Cognito Business Consulting (Pty) Ltd.

We are a husband-and-wife team that discovered the need for a trusted referral network in South Africa.

Our network started with our marketing hub JK Marketing solutions in 2010. Through networking we met professionals offering world class solutions in marketing and financial wellness. Individually, they solved one problem. Together they could provide South Africans with the key to find financial success.

From 2015 we started our finance and debt restructuring hubs now known as Premier Finance and Premier Debt. Premier Finance connects you with financiers and financial advisers. They are qualified and vetted to deliver accurate and sound financial advice. With experts on your side, you can work smart with your money, save on exorbitant fees, and grow your net worth.

Premier debt helps individuals that need support to find a balance in their finances. Many South Africans are overindebted and living off credit. This makes them disadvantaged from the opportunity to save and invest. In many instances their children also learn their ways and grow up to repeat the same mistakes. Our goal is to educate and show people through programs how to manage their own finances so they can make better choices for the future.

Together Premier Debt and Premier Finance provide a complete financial wellness hub. You can find solutions to your problems with the support of our recommendations. Instead of chatbots and automation, you have human interaction with us and our team. We combine technology with old school customer service to give you a “Rolls-Royce” online experience.

Sabizhub combines all our hubs into one business network. On this website you will find access to all the products and services that we believe are worth sharing with you. You will have access to the suppliers, tools and service providers that we use for our success.

Our conscious beliefs form the foundation of our business values and principles. We believe in a do no harm, sustainable and fair-trade economy.

Browse the categories to find products or services that interests you. When you click on an advert you will find a link to a webpage that will provide with further information.

In response to the need for creating business and employment opportunity in South Africa. We have plans to expand our solutions and help more businesses grow.

First up is our real estate network, creating opportunities in the property market. We will also add more categories to connect you with more service providers in interesting fields.

There will also be advertising options available and referral partnerships.

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Thank you for taking the time to find out more about our story. Please do browse the category section to see the solutions we have available for you.