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Marketing benefits your life in more ways than you can imagine. Without marketing there would be no brands. Finding a specific product would be impossible. You would have no information about what products are used for and everything would be expensive. Yes, marketing keeps things low cost, and or for free. Without marketing there would be no commercials on the radio and television which would mean no way to pay for the broadcasting.

Businesses need marketing to grow sales so they can expand and create more jobs in South Africa.

At SAbizhub we provide an ethical way for you to receive marketing information from our network and clients. This will allow you to receive relevant content from our vetted partners and access special offers, competitions and more.

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You have the option to select the categories that we promote that interest you. This will grant you access to join the email communities for the category you selected. Your email address remains safely in our care, and we will email you on behalf of our partners when we have suitable content to share with you.

Think of our email subscription as opportunity to be in our community on your terms. Instead of attending seminars or presentations at a set time, you can read our emails at your leisure. You can browse listings in your own time and respond when it suits you.

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As an added benefit you can also choose to opt in for call marketing messages. This will entitle you to receive a call from our network agents to deliver the information to you personally. We live in an online world with less human interaction. As more and more companies move online, tele sales agents provide a way to maintain human contact in sales. Instead of interacting with a chatbot, have a human conversation with a real person. A call is an opportunity for you get receive direct response to questions you may have about a product or service that interests you. You can select the call frequency that suits your needs.

Please note that to fulfill your request we will share your details with partners. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information about how your information is used.

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If you opt in for mobile text messages your number will receive SMS marketing messages. You will only receive SMS messages from SAbizhub for the mobile options you select. We will not share your mobile number with other companies unless you respond with a Yes to accept their offer.

WhatsAPP broadcast subscription (coming soon)

In the near future we will be introducing WhatsApp broadcast messages as well. We will broadcast messages to you on whatsapp for any listings and offers that suit your interests.

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  • Receive member only promotional offers from providers for categories that interest you. If you remain a member of our database, you will have access to the latest offers available through our network.


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  • This is a hub for all South Africans. We have suitable solutions for directors & business owners. We also cater for individuals and provide employment opportunities for the unemployed.


  • Advertise your business to our communities. If your business is one of our accepted niches, we would love to work with you and promote your business.


  • Competitions & incentives. We will be starting soon with incentives to reward our community so everyone wins with SAbizhub.


  • Access clean, easy to read content. Our purpose is delivering clear messages without distraction. Our blog articles contain no distracting 3rd party advertising that slows down your browser. Instead, you can enjoy clean articles that focus on the message we intend to deliver.


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